Amy Pope-Wells



Mrs. Pope-Wells, Owner at both Link Staffing Services and Tire Diva is a visionary entrepreneur with over 25 years of sales, staffing and project management experience. She always focuses on customer service and results for her clients while working with some of the most influential companies across the country. Amy started her first business in 2007, Link Staffing Services, a flexible staffing company that tailors solutions to fit the human resource (HR) needs of local clients.


Amy Pope-Wells grew up in a small suburb community, Monroe, outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Amy’s parents, her father a Director of Public Works and her mother a human resource administrator; taught her the importance of hard work, family, faith and public service. Amy is a nurse clinician by education and graduated from ACC School of Nursing in North Carolina.


In June 2015, with encouragement from business associates, Amy launched a new company called Tire Diva. Tire Diva is a automotive organization that offers top of the line tire services at wholesale pricing for the Federal Government.


While not working, Amy actively supports three nonprofits and facilitates regular community events. In addition to supporting her business interests, she serves on the Clay Chamber Board of Directors as Chairman of Membership & Business Development, America’s SBDC Florida UNF Advisory Board, is co-founder and Advisory Board of Women's Empowerment Council. This year Amy received Business Person of the Year in Nov 2016 and was chosen by the White House Administration to support 3 committee’s on Women’s Advancement, Small Business Administration and Workforce Development.


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