Vickie Cavey

Retired Director, JEA


Vickie Cavey retired from the JEA as of July, 2016 after 32 years. Before she retired she was the Director, Strategy Development and Execution and was responsible for leading the creation and implementation of JEA’s Strategic Plan for new CEO and Executive Team. She moved to Jacksonville at the age of 18 months. In high school she fell in love with music while playing viola in the Orchestra and Symphony for six years. Was a member of the Jacksonville Youth Symphony and performed in the annual Summer Musicals. Vickie, her husband, Dan live in Ponte Vedra Beach and their daughter, Samantha Hansen is a clothing designer.


After retiring, Vickie went on a three-month trip, traveling to Colorado, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, France and finally Spain where she walked the Camino de Santiago with a group of friends which allowed her to reboot and rethink the next part of her life. Vickie is currently involved in various charities and organizations in different capacities where she is able to give back to the community she is part of.


Her younger experiences with young people throughout the county were fond memories and played a vital part in her development, similar to the wonderful work and influence of the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus. Because of Vickie’s love for music, she is very pleased to be associated with this event.


Professional Partner: Wesley Kuehlthau


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