Judge: Timothy Mason

Standard Ballroom Dance Champion, Coach and Judge



SusanBorn and raised in England, Timothy started dancing at age nine. He and his wife, Michelle, began dancing together in 1988. They moved to New York in 1990.

The couple won numerous North American Professional Standard Events: Fred Astaire National Champions, Southeastern U.S. Champions, American Star Ball Champions, Holiday Ball Champions, Heritage Dancesport, Ohio Star Ball Champions, Yankee Classic, North American Champions, Southwestern Champions, Houston Lonestar Champions, Florida State Champions, Heart of America Champions, Imperial Champions, Twin Cities Champions, Virginia State Champions, Walt Disney Classic Champions, Southern States Champions, New England Champions, Empire State Champions and Texas Challenge Champions.

The couple appeared on television on numerous occasions: Standard Section Winner - PBS’ Championship in 1997; World level - represented the U.S. at all major competitions.

The Masons retired from competition in 1999. They currently are active as judges and coaches in competitions throughout the world. They founded Easidance Ballroom, Inc. in Tampa, Florida in 2001, where they currently reside with their son.